RT Razor - custom built Antenna Lifts for Rohn 25, 45 & 55 towers    
*Quality welded construction and proven reliability.  Can handle a big antenna with ease! 
 (W8RAT himself was part of a 450 lb. load riding down on a local customer's RTR45 when their rotator bolts sheared 
off & their antenna system was stuck at 60 ft. John rode the lift down while holding the antennas in place)    
*Custom Delrin wheel system designed to allow smooth, easy transport up and down the towers.
*Dual safety feet for security and functionality.    
*Designed for easy installation and usage, even on existing towers. 
*Can be used with guy wires up to a certain height.
*Includes 1/8" galvanized cable (400lb WLL/2000lb break strength) & poly pull rope for safety feet (incl. for up to a 50' tower, $1.50 for each additional tower foot).    *Complete package comes with cable & all nuts, bolts, pulleys, plates & brackets. Thrust bearing & winch motor NOT included.
*Stainless Steel Harkin Pulley. (matched to wire rope size - min. safe work load 1500 lbs)
*Pre-drilled for Yaesu 065 thrust bearing & most common rotators. Custom drilling available at no or minimal cost - please ask.
*Powdercoated in Silver/Grey    
*Custom colors/schemes available at additional cost*  

 Rohn 25 - Standard package $900.00*  Part# RTR25 
 Rohn 45 - Standard package $975.00*  Part# RTR45
 Rohn 55 - Standard package $1050.00*  Part# RTR55 

 Available accessories/upgrades:      
 Stainless hardware package - (all nuts/bolts/U-bolts)   $80.00
 Top Stop Bracket with SS U-Bolt/nuts - $25.00 (Available as option for prior purchasers, included with all new.)
 3/16" cable (840lb WLL/4200lb break strength) & size matched SS Pulley - $50.00

**if using Stainless Hardware, use hand tools only and Never Seize to avoid nuts locking up and causing thread damage.  No power tools should ever be used with Stainless hardware.**
RT Gin Pole    
*Custom designed for "no tool" usage & improved top pulley     
*Lower diverter pulley bracket for ground crew safety       
*3 pc set includes Top Pulley, Main Bracket and Diverter Pulley - (all you need is the 2" OD pipe)
RT Gin Pole set  $275.00  Part# RTGin

*Prices subject to change without notice due to increases in material costs*

*Please visit the Ship/Pay page in regards to anticipated lead times!*