Imagine hearing a weather report that a nasty windstorm or hurricane is rapidly approaching. You panic because you know that you have no time to find someone to climb your tower and bring your expensive antenna to safety.  

Now, imagine hearing the same weather report after installing an RT RAZOR. You walk out to your tower and, in a matter of minutes, you have your antenna at an accessible height to take it off for storage. You're safe, your antenna is safe and you're back in the comfort of your home. 

Introducing RT Innovations, the answer to your problems.

RT Innovations is your source for quality Ham and CB custom fabrications:   Razor Antenna Lifts for Rohn 25, 45 & 55 towers (Similar to GM Hazer but without the problems!)  Proudly being made since 2008.

Built for Hams, by Hams.  W8RAT & K4LOL

(Don't be fooled by copycats- insist on the original RAZOR to be guaranteed a quality product)